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Welcome to your ICD-10 Guide. There is so MUCH information out there from ALL vendors and entities some very helpful and some I haven't been able to decide IF it is helpful OR a way to make more money.

I have researched many vendors that FMBS is in association with, to try and provide the shortest most accurate form of information regarding the ICD-10 conversion. Please see additional links below.

What is ICD-10?
The International Classification of Diseases, Tenth Revision (ICD-10) was endorsed by the Forty-third World Health Assembly in 1990 and came into use in World Health Organization (WHO) member states in 1994.
  • In layman's term, ICD-10 are the new diagnosis codes that will replace ICD-9 diagnosis codes.
What is the purpose of ICD-10?
The purpose of the ICD and of WHO sponsorship is to promote international comparability in the collection, classification, processing, and presentation of mortality statistics. New revisions of the ICD are implemented periodically so that the classification reflects advances in medical science.

When will the ICD-10 take place?
October 1, 2015 – Compliance date for implementation of ICD-10-CM (diagnoses) and ICD-10-PCS (procedures)
- No delays
- No grace period
  • In laymen's terms, Effective 10/1/15 all claims will need to be submitted with ICD-10 diagnosis codes, IF claims are submitted with ICD-9 codes for dates of care after 10/1/15 they will be rejected for payment.
How do I prepare for the transition?
The first way to prepare is transform the way you document.
  • Beef up your documentation. Chances are, your medical records are not being documented with the highest level of specificity possible for patient encounters under current regulations. Starting now will not only prepare you for ICD-10, but it will also improve overall compliance.

  • Medical Records for each visit should include:
    • Who the patient is, how they appear, visually and health condition wise
    • What they are in for
    • When the illness onset began, what symptoms occurred, if pregnant what trimester and week within that trimmest
    • Where the care is taking place; home, office etc and IF an accident/fall/injury occurred where it occurred; outside, at the park, in the kitchen
    • How is your treatment plan until the next scheduled visit
Please see an ICD-10 medical record example and documentation guidelines:
AAPC ICD-10 Documentation Example

AHIMA Clinical Documentation Guidance for ICD-10-CM/PCS
*please see section regarding pregnancy

How will the ICD-10 conversion effect the way I complete and submit claims?
Clients of Favored Medical will NOT need to worry. Continue to submit your claims as normal, even with the old ICD-9 codes and our system will do the conversion for you. In time you will learn the new codes as you did the old.

The only change with the new conversion is the diagnosis selection. There is are NO changes with the CPT selection so those codes can continue to be submitted as your rendered care permits. If you do not have a system that will convert ICD9 to ICD10, you can:

How will the ICD-10 conversion effect claims processing and payment?
There should not be any change in the way claims are processed nor paid, …… I would expect some delays as the ICD-10 conversion is a huge conversion and it may take a grace period for some insurance companies to properly prepare their systems for the change.

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