FMBS Holiday Hours

Kashuna will be out of the office and unavailable
December 15, 2017 thru January 2, 2018
During this time I will periodically check & respond to messages.
Claims Submission, Payment Posting, Aging work will be completed on NON- holiday days.
All Favored staff will resume regular work schedules Jan 3, 2018

Collection Agency? Yeah or Nah?

We can all agree that No provider wants to send a client to collection. We can also agree that NO provider wants nor deserves to work for free. Sending a client to collections should be based on your practice policy. IF you currently do NOT have a collections policy create one, include the in your contract and proceed accordingly.

My rule is: Send a statement, Call, Send a Statement, Contact the Emergency contact listed, Call and then decide.

Looking for an agency?

Mike Hewes with TSI contact 610.328.9631

Please call or  visit the website for pricing and breakdown, explain your practice needs and negotiate!

Global Billing vs Itemized Billing Which Is Best?

Global VS Itemized Billing
Global Billing – billing done after delivery

  • Prenatal, Delivery, and PP Care = $2,950.00

Itemized Billing – billing done during care (several options)

  • Prenatal Only Package 6+ visits = $840.00
  • Delivery Only = $1,050.00
  • Approximate Total= $1,890.00


  • Prenatal Only Package 4-6 visits = $525.00
  • Delivery Only = $1,050.00
  • Approximate Total = $1,575.00


  • Single Prenatal Visits by date = $86.00 (15 OR multiply by however many visits seen)
  • Delivery Only = $1,050.00
  • Approximate Total = $2,340.00

*These are estimates of reimbursement based on Medicare Rates