Mid Year Benefit Reset


As June and July nears please note that some school and union covered plan benefits will reset OR plans may change. This means any patient responsibility already met on the plan will start over effective 7/1 OR 8/1 and benefit coverage may be different than already verified.



Are you maximizing your facility billing?

Billable Facility Services

  • 1. Each day of “laboring” (mom)
  • 2. The actual delivery date of baby (mom and baby)
  • 3. The date after delivery (mom and baby)
  • 4. NST performed (mom)
  • 5. Ultrasounds performed (mom) NOT Doppler
  • 6. Pap’s (mom) for WWE, vagina problem visit (mom)
  • 7. IUD insertions & Removals (mom)
  • 8. IV treatments & Infusions (mom)
  • 9. Hearing Testing (baby)
  • 10. Most Outpatient services (mom) contact Kashuna to confirm


  • a. Tongue Tie (infant)
  • b. Gynecological Service (colpo. Etc.)
  • c. Acupuncture
  • d. Physical Therapy
  • e. Skin Tag Removal
  • f. Diabetes and some other classes (for classes, please submit a description of what is taught/discussed)
  • g. Cyst Removal