About Verification

Benefit Verifications, Patient Responsibility Amounts, and Authorization are not a guarantee of payment. Patient Responsibility provided is an estimate of cost and does not replace any contracts or amounts requested by your provider.

Verification provided by Favored Medical Billing is an estimate. The verification provided will work in one of two ways with your provider of care.

1. The verification amount provided is the amount your provider will collect prior to billing your insurance as an estimate of how much your patient responsibility will be.

*Estimate provided by FMBS does NOT replace any contracts of financial responsibility between you and your provider.

2. The verification amount provided is the amount your insurance will deduct as your patient responsibility prior to paying your claims out to you OR your provider.

*Please speak with your provider directly on how the verification provided will play a part in their collection process.

Understanding your verification:
The deductible amount is provided by your insurance plan based on the policy in which you have selected. The coinsurance is a percentage that both you and your insurance share.

Please note that if your provider is non contracted OR not in network there is NO way to guarantee the amount your insurance will pay.

Verify My Benefits

If you would like to know your insurance benefits, what your insurance will cover, or what your financial responsibility will be for your physician or midwife please click "Verify My Benefits" below.

*I have read and understand the disclaimer and am ready to move forward with my verification.

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