Medical Billing Services

Favored Medical Billing, based in Arizona, is a medical billing and coding company serving medical practices throughout the United States. 

Favored Medical Billing exists today because Kashuna Hopkins, President, had a vision. That vision was to create a high quality medical billing firm that operates off of heart, integrity and passion.

Why Choose Favored Medical Billing

We honor that you can choose anyone to trust with both the growth and sustainability of your business, but we at Favored Medical Billing know what it takes to nurture the thin line of excellent patient care and our providers not working for free.

Practice Billing Health Check

There are a few things you as a practice administrator, and even physicians, should know about your practice.​


What is your overall monthly collection rate


How much revenue in AR over 120


What are the main denials of your practice

See if outsourcing your medical billing is right for your practice.