Collections with TSI | $12

It is essential that we stop worrying about money and stop resenting our bills.
-Louise L. Hay

Favored Medical Billing Service (FMBS) understands that making a decision to send a patient to collections can be heartbreaking, but you do a disservice to your hard work, time and community of providers when your choice is to go unpaid. Prior to sending a patient to collections, it is important that you try one last time to resolve the matter by offering a payment plan or full payment discount. In the event those options produce no results, FMBS has partnered with Transworld Systems (TSI) to assist in the collections process.

There is an at cost fee of $12.00 per collection account at Transworld Systems. After we receive your payment, you will be directed to the submission form.

Thank you!

Collections Account Submission Order:

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