FMBS Disclaimer

FMBS does not guarantee reimbursement. FMBS does guarantee that all efforts will be exhausted to ensure your claim was processed at its highest level of benefit.

Verification Disclaimer
Your benefits are decided by your employer and the Information obtained by FMBS is provided by contacting your plan’s provider relation department and are details of your plan benefits.

Benefit Verifications, Patient Responsibility Amounts, and Authorization are not a guarantee of payment. Patient Responsibility provided is an estimate of cost and does not replace any contracts or amounts requested by your provider.

Verification provided by Favored Medical Billing is an estimate. The verification provided will work in one of two ways with your provider of care.

Claim Disclaimer
Claim submission is not a guarantee of reimbursement. Reimbursement is subject to your specific plan benefit and the network status of your provide. FMBS does NOT guarantee NOR control the amount paid by said plan insurance provider. FMBS does guarantee that we will exhaust all option to ensure that submitted claims are properly processed.

Your chosen provider may be considered an out of network provider. For clients that hold HMO policies, reimbursement will not be obtained, as HMO policies do not support out of network providers.

Billed Charge Amount: Due to auditing regulations, FMBS, as a billing company, is required to attain a set billing schedule based on national rates. These rates may differ from the provider's charging schedule FMBS represent.

FMBS billing schedule or billed charges submitted to your insurance payer does NOT mean:
* Provider Maternity Care base rate begins at $8,700.00. If additional services such as labor time, lactation, etc. is provided, this will increase the amount. * Provider Infant Care base rate begins at $890.00 for initial care provided at birth, If other care is provided, it will increase the bill amount. * Facility Birth Room is billed at $9,800.00 per day for mother and $9,400.00 per day for infant. * Outpatient services performed at the facility such as IV treatment / Pap / ultrasounds / IUD placements billed at $5,000.00 to $6,000.00 * That additional monies outside of what has been discussed and agreed upon with your provider are due. Additional monies will NOT be due to your insurance company.
To calculate billed charge amounts, FMBS use Medicare rates times 400%
Mother Global Maternity
59400 - $8,700.00
59426 & 59425 - $4,000.00
** the above are base rate charges and does NOT include med, additional time, etc…

Infant initial care
99460/99464 - $860.00
** the above are base rate charges and does NOT include med, additional time, etc…

Mother Facility - $9,800.00
Infant Facility - $9,400.00
Education & Hearing - $1,000.00
IUD & other Outpt - $9,600.00
Ultrasounds - $3,000.00
Submitting Claims
Based on the limited access FMBS has to medical records prior to billing, claims will be submitted per the superbill provided, outside of minimum coding adjustment within the realm of its AAPC certification and malpractice coverage. In the event the superbill is submitted without the above requirements or in a manner that will hinder proper claim processing/reimbursement/auditing, the superbill will be sent back with a request to resubmit a new claim and deleted from the FMBS system. FMBS will no longer be able to accept email/text corrections of previous submitted claims. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
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