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Each topic will provide detail implementation processes and down to earth explanations on the importance of Billing Insurance, Collecting patient responsibility, and most importantly, having the Money talk.

"The 4 C Words"

Description of Seminar:

Understanding how Contracts, Communication, Consistency and Care Separation plays a HUGE part in practice collections and customer service.

"Your Contract is Crappier Than You Think"

Description of Seminar:

The dos and don’ts of contract verbiage and understanding that your patients may not read it anyway.

"Being #1"

Description of Seminar:

Understanding why the Netflix bill is paid before your statement.

"I Just Don't Get It!"

Description of Seminar:

Billing basics; understanding verifications, what to bill, when to bill, and why bill it.

"I Need More Money!"

Description of Seminar:

We all do, but how do we get there? Understanding how to use insurance & pre-collections to grow and sustain your practice.

Pride in our work, commitment to our clients, and integrity in our practices.

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