FMBS Events & Talks

Seminar Topics:
  • The 4 C words
    *Understanding how Contracts, Communication, Consistency and Care Separation plays a HUGE part in practice collections and customer service.

  • Your contract is crappier than you think
    *The do and dont’s of contract verbiage and understanding that your patients may read it anyway

  • Being #1 on your patients debt hierarchy
    * Understanding why your patients stiff you

  • I just don't get it!
    *Billing basic of understanding verification, what to bill, when to bill and why bill it?

  • I need to make more money!
    * Understanding how to use insurance money to grow your business

  • Each topic will provide detail implementation processes and down to earth explanations on the importance of Billing Insurance, Collecting patient responsibility, and most importantly, having the Money talk.
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