Midwife Service Form Mother and Infant Care | $125

*Complete Superbill

ONLY select this option once infant has been confirmed as added to the insurance plan. Infants are covered at 0.00 cost for the 1st 30 days of birth as long as the insurance plan as added the infant to your account.

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Client Invoice Submission Order:

  • Claims are submitted to your insurance within 48 hours of receipt to Favored Medical Billing.
  • Your insurance requests 30 business days to properly process your claims.
  • Favored Medical Billing does NOT provide claim status during the insurance requested 30 business days timeframe.
    • For any Claim Status prior to 30 days, your insurance provider may have an online account setup for members that will allow you to manage your care and check claim status.
  • FMBS does NOT guarantee reimbursement to patients NOR providers.
  • Claim payment/processing is decided by your insurance plan based on your policy benefits.
  • Signed contracts with your provider supersede FMBS benefit verification and claim submission.
  • For More Questions regarding Claim Processing, visit our FAQ’s.