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For patients or providers

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Claim Submission for Reimbursement*

Account Managed Practices

FMBS Managed Account Providers and Birth Centers

For providers where FMBS handles majority billing in their practice.

Direct Submission Providers

Insurance Submission Mother & Infant Care Only

ONLY select this option once infant has been confirmed as added to the insurance plan. Infants are covered at 0.00 cost for the 1st 30 days of birth as long as the insurance plan as added the infant to your account.

Insurance Submission Birth Center & Midwife for Mother & Infant Care

This service is ONLY for submission on BOTH Provider and Birth Facility Care.
*Reimbursement from insurance is NOT allowed for:

  • HMO policies (unless a special auth has been obtained)
  • NO Maternity benefit policies
  • Claim billed amounts submitted to your insurance plan, will reflect those of National Billing rates, these rates
    may be billed higher OR lower than what your provider charges.

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