Favored Medical Billing Team

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To increase the efficiency of serving our providers and clients in a timely manner, it is important that the correct departments are contacted directly for your needs.


Provider Relations
(All Providers)

Email: Info@favoredmedicalbilling.com

Text: (602) 456-1674

  • Provider Relations
  • Insurance Credentialing & Contracting
  • Practice Consulting

Benefits Department
(All Providers)

Email: benefits@favoredmedicalbilling.com

Text: (602) 456-0055

  • AR follow up
  • Benefit Verification for care
  • Insurance Authorization for care
  • GAP request for care
  • Upfront patient quotes for care

Audit Department
(All Providers)

*Internal Position

  • Audit medical and billing for accuracy

Assistance Department
(All Providers)

*Internal Position 

  • Answers phone questions 
  • Appeal & Reconsideration follow up

Payment Department
(All Providers)

*Internal Position

  • Manages electronic payment setup

Coding Department
(All Providers)

*Internal Position

  • Reviews medical documentation and confirms proper billing CPT & ICD10 coding

Marketing & Outreach

Outreach Department
(All Providers)​

Email: admin@favoredmedicalbilling.com

  • Manages FMBS client growth

Marketing Department
(All Providers)

Email: marketing@favoredmedicalbilling.com

  • Manages FMBS online presence


Valley Dermatology AR Department
(VDA Providers)

Salt Lake Dermatology AR Department
(SLD Providers)


Superbills Department
(Maternity Clients)​

Email: superbills@favoredmedicalbilling.com

Text: (602) 456-1039

  • Claim submission for maternity care

AR Department
(Maternity Clients)

Email: claims@favoredmedicalbilling.com

Text: (602) 456-1450

  • Insurance Claims Follow Up
  • Insurance Payment Posting

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